What we do

Balance Conditions are potentially devastating, associated with symptoms of severe spinning vertigo and general balance problems, often coupled with on-going tinnitus and damage to hearing. There are also many other causes of serious balance disorders, that can result in life limiting symptoms.

Medical treatment for these issues is slowly developing, but focuses mainly upon resolving the physical symptoms. There is very little available support at a local and practical level for those suffering sometimes life changing illness and the anxiety and anguish that this causes. We are here to offer support, giving comfort to those who need it most.  We focus upon practical ways to help fellow sufferers and we are not a charity or a business, just a group of people facing a common challenge. If you are a suffer, friend or family of a sufferer or feel you can help in any way, please contact us today and join our community support group. Membership has no cost, but your contribution may be priceless to others.

How We Provide Support …..

Simply by being in touch with those who have gone through conditions similar to your own, can provide very positive social and mental support. Understanding that we are not alone, and our challenges are shared by many others, can be very comforting, especially in times of extreme isolation, anxiety and distress. 

Our support environment works through several channels, all encouraging honest and supportive communication.

Support Group Meetings A casual gathering of our group members (and any friends& family) is to allow for meeting, discussion, bonding and sharing of our view of the world.  We are currently meeting via  ZOOM video meetings. We have Guest Expert speakers at each meeting who may have some professional involvement in our world. Past expert speakers have included ENT Balance consultants, Balance Rehabilitation specialists, and other people of note in the world of balance. The meetings are free to attend, and no member has to attend any, but just come whenever they want to. Members decide what they want to get out of our group and all views are welcome.  Meeting notes and recordings of our guest speakers are always available on our web sit in the Meeting section. 

Balance Buddies Our volunteers, many of whom have first hand experience with various balance disorders, are available for contact by all members. Members can choose to email or call any of our Balance Buddies, especially where they believe a particular Buddy may have relevant balance issue experience to share. Our Buddies are there to help you over the long term in any way that they can. [we are also seeking more volunteers to be Balance Buddies as well please – anyone with experience of or a professional interest in Balance issues, please contact us now]

See some of our members feedback following our meetings :-

“The first meeting was great and very helpful & informative. Lovely to meet people with similar issues”  

“I came there on Saturday morning trying hard to not cry and I left feeling so good, positive and feeling that I’m not on my own.” 

“It might sound over-dramatic, but you really made a huge impact in my life.”

“Your support group is working!.” 

“The group has already made a huge difference to me” (after the first meeting)

Member To Member Contact Network   In between group meetings we encourage member to member contact for those who wish to participate in this. name and email address or phone numbers are shared only with other members who have selected to be part of this network. You can then contact as many or as few other members as you wish. This can be very useful to connect to people with very similar symptoms to yourself, or just contact those who live in your area to arrange your own coffee meeting or whatever. It really is good to talk.

Partners On The LevelWe are only too aware of how most sufferers depend heavily upon their partner, or family member or a close friend for  many aspects of their personal support. Yet no one helps that partner to understand how best to offer that help or provides support for them.  We actively encourage all partners to get involved and swap advice and tips between each other. 

FacebookFor many Facebook can be a lifeline, especially if you are house bound and in a rural setting. We simply aim here to allow on-going commentary between members and followers, and allow our community to drive the conversations and topics relevant to giving and receiving local support. Again it is free to follow and free to contribute to.  A Closed Facebook Group is available to Members Only.

Members Activities –  Despite our obvious mobility difficulties, we encourage members to participate in support group activities when able and interested to do so. This can be to help the group raise public awareness, or share their stories of life with a balance disorder.  Participation at what ever level can help to restore confidence and build new friendships.

Our Members Stories –  We encourage all of our members to share their story of how a balance condition came in to their life and talk about the challenges and their journey with these life changing conditions.  Members can share their story by video or in writing on this web site  – See our “help for you” section.  Sharing helps other sufferers to understand that they are not alone and also helps partners and the general public to understand how these conditions are “Not just a little bit of dizziness”

Balance Conditions in the Workplace –  We have been very concerned to hear of many bad experiences of our members from their place of work. Ranging from the employer simply having no interest or concern for their health issues, to the extreme of some employers using terrible tactics to bully and force out very loyal employees.   Encountering a balance condition is destressing enough, and can leave sufferers feeling physically and emotionally weak, what is not needed at the same time is fear of losing your employment. We intend to help both our members and employers in general to understand how employment problems can easily be avoided and employees with balance disorders can still contribute greatly in the workplace.

If you are a suffer, friend or family of a sufferer or feel you can help in any way, please contact us today or join our community support group. Membership has no cost, but your contribution may be priceless

want to get involved and support us?

Get in touch today if you can offer any help or know people that could help or to let us know of people that desperately need our support