Partners On The Level

One common theme that most of our members mention at every meeting is the wonderful life line and importance of their partner, (or family member or friend) – in the role of primary supporter (emotionally and often phyiscally!) Yet most balance sufferers partners are thrust into this role with little or no preparation –  and with not even a doctor or clinical staff to help suggest how best to care for their  partner or relative.   Which is why we help to support our members partners, with a dedicated sub group called “Partners On The Level”

Partners on the level is simply a “sub support group”—open to all partners or friends or family of our members, who can meet up at our group meetings and chat as a small group. [For those who cant attend we provide contact and support via email and phone] Sharing advice, tips, concerns and swaping notes on all aspects of their role, will allow many partners to understand how best to help their loved ones with balance conditions and where and when encouragement or empathy is best employed. One thing we all agree upon is that the more knowledgable our partners are concerning balance conditions , the better the outcome for our members and their partners in dealing with daily lives and the challanges they face together.





How Does it Work

We simply register your partners name, email and phone number. This then allows your partner the status of “Partner member” (all partners must be associated with a verified group member). As a partner member, they will then receive news and updates on on useful information for partners and carers, plus the option to opt in to the contact network for partners. At Group meetings, partnes can (if the wish) chat with other partners to discuss current challanges or learnings, or just enjoy the company of people who understand their role and situation.

Partners own contact network 

Just as with our members M2M contact network, “Partners On The Level” are able to opt in to sharing their contact detals with other partners who opt in, and thus email or chat with each other between our support group meetings. This can be especially useful when a partner is trying to help their own partner through a very difficult period of balance problems and they may feel unsure on how to best help or simply cope.

Next Steps

You (as a member) or your partner can contact us at any time and request to join the “partners on the level” sub group. It is that simple. They will then receive information on how we may be able to help them and “support our supporters” .  Partners can do as much or as lettle as they chose, and suggest topis or areas to discuss or debate with other partners. As with our members, we always try to encourage the more expereinced to help those who may be just starting out on their journey as a “partner” to a bance sufferer.

Just contact us today and take that first step to being part of our “Partners On The Level” group  – Click on this Link.