Balance Buddies 

As a support group, at Life On The Level, we are all about helping each individual member in any way we can. Given that the majority of our members have mobility difficulties, meeting up at a central location for a monthly face to face meeting is not always a practical solution, and as balance disorders come in many different  types, flavours and strengths, our members have very many varied needs, challenges and issues.  To solve this issue we can claim to have invented a world first – “The Balance Buddy” program. 


Quite simply we provide our members with a list of our “Balance Buddy Volunteers”, who are people with specific experience in balance issues (normally they have suffered with a certain condition, or they may have a professional skill or interest relevant to balance), The list provides the relevant background for each Buddy, and our members can then choose who they would like to contact. There is no limit to how many different Buddies may be contacted, as we are keen that each member has an opportunity to find the best fit for them.








What Does a Balance Buddy Do 

In a nutshell, your balance buddy is just that –  a friend, someone to share your life challenges with, who will have a better understanding than most, of what you are dealing with and ideas on how best to cope. Your buddy may have exactly the same balance disorder as you, or a slightly different one, but their years of experience will help them to help you.  If your buddy lives locally to you, and only if both member and buddy are happy to, you can meet up for your own “Buddy meeting”  – anywhere and at any time – or just over coffee.  There is never any pressure from your Buddy, they are happy to be there for you as and when you need their support. Contact is normally by email or phone initially, and then as contact develops both your balance buddy and you decide how best to keep in touch, We hope that some connections here will last for a life time, but we are also happy where the contact covers a period of just a members greatest need or stress – the only guiding light here is that you the member decide what is right for you.  Your Balance Buddy is there for you to provide at the very least contact with another person, and hopefully with that contact will come some comfort, hope and even some shared lighter moments.  

What Balance Buddies Can’t Do 

Life On the Level Balance Buddies are not trained counsellors, they are by and large not healthcare professionals, generally they are normal members of our community, but with a desire to share what they know about balance conditions, often from their own intimate experience.  A Balance Buddy can’t and won’t advise on any medical treatment, they wont be able to provide legal advice if worried about money or employment issues, they wont be able to take on any carer role or routine support function. Otherwise Balance Buddies are there to talk about anything just as a good friend would, but with one major advantage, that they really do understand what you are going through and how lonely, or anxious, or simply scared you may be because of your balance condition.  Other than that, as you would with any friend, if you decide to hang out, meet for coffee, go sky diving together –  that will be as two individuals, keen to help one another get the best out of your lives.

Balance Buddies T&C’s 

There aren’t any!   Our Balance Buddies are given guidance from our support group, on the basis of a community support group as normal folks  . Your contact with your Balance Buddy is entirely confidential, and the only information ever recorded (but still kept confidential) is which Balance Buddies are in contact with which members (just so we can ensure we are reaching everyone who wishes to be reached). .Please remember that as our Balance Buddies are public volunteers, they will also have their own lives, jobs and demands to fit in, but also remember that our Balance Buddies love helping people, so they will be excited and very happy to hear from each and everyone of you – so don’t be shy.

How Do I get my own Life On The Level Balance Buddy

Simply contact us today, apply to be a member (its free and you even get an exclusive members spirit level key ring). We will then send you details of how to connect with our balance buddies – It is that simple and we are all waiting to hear from you and hoping to help you very soon.   

Just contact us today and take that first step to having a Balance Buddy – Click on this Link.