Our Friends


London Road Clinic – Leicester UK

The generous hosts to our support group meetings. Providing the group with mobility safe excellent facilities in the heart of Leicester. The London Road Clinic is a world renowned centre of excellence for ENT, Balance disorders and related rehabilitation and hearing loss issues. Patients travel in from around the world, such is the reputation of their specialists and staff.  We cannot praise them enough for extended their support to our community group. We can say that there reputation for care, treatment and a positive patient approach is second to none.  Please discover more at https://www.londonroadclinic.co.uk/ 


Michaela Burton 

Michaela is a qualified Vestibular Audiologist with over 18 years experience, but interestingly and excitingly Michaela is also a clinical hypnotherapist.  This combination of specialisms is very rare in the UK, but gives Michaela a unique ability to treat both the physical and mind related symptoms of our balance conditions. As most of us “dizzies” will testify, the physical symptoms of many balance disorders inevitably lead to anxiety, stress and potentially depression. Michaela has been one of the first audiologists to appreciate that in treating both physical and mind symptoms together, both areas benefit thus accelerating improvements in both areas of our lives.  Michaelas’ other claim to fame is being our support groups first guest speaker and delivering a very impressive insight in to her work.  To contact Michaela or see more of her and her work please visit www.thebalancelady.co.uk


Dr Hannah Ryan  

Dr Hannah Ryan (BA, MSc, DClinPsy), is a UK-based, registered clinical psychologist. She works with a range of specialisms in adults and adolescents including chronic illness, parent-child relationships and domestic abuse. She has worked in a range of different roles drawing on systemic, compassion focused, acceptance based, narrative, mentalizing, motivational and other approaches in the NHS and charity sector. Dr Ryan’s own chronic balance condition has been both a server of professional challenge and an inspiration towards finding more focused therapy-based treatments to help fellow balance sufferers.  If you wish to explore options for further support, Hannah’s independent practice can be found at https://twoleavestherapy.co.uk/ where therapy via video link is now available.


Rupal Rajani.

In our journey for a life more balanced, we meet the most interesting and wonderful people such as Rupal. Working together with Rupal we hope to reach more people that will benefit from contact with our support group. See Rupals story below and links to her relevant content.  Rupal is also a Life On The Level “Balance Buddy” – helping our members with her own experiences, tips and support.

Rupal is an experienced Broadcast Journalist who has worked for the BBC for 29 years. She has produced and presented various programmes at BBC Leicester, BBC Asian Network and East Midlands Today. Born in Uganda and arrived in the UK when she was only two, Rupal’s documented journey back to her country of birth won Rupal an a Race in the Media award in 2005. She has continued to present various programmes on BBC Radio Leicester and met and interviewed many celebrities in her time.

Around 8 years ago she was diagnosed with Vestibulopathy with Visual Preference. Damage to her inner ear which has affected her balance significantly. She was able to continue work after an absence of around 8 months with the help of the Leicester Balance Clinic and regular vestibular physiotherapy . The condition worsened again in early 2015 which led to her being off work for over two and half years. She works as a freelancer and writes about how the condition has affected her life and hopes to help others through her blog https://rupalrajani.blogspot.com/

Other recommended viewing from Rupal   –


and  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa19opf6Rt8aBGc8vKbrLBQ?view_as=subscriber


Balance Disorder Spectrum.

For the first time ever, one web page shows the complete variety of balance disorder symptoms and likely causes. Created by Leicestershire own Prof Peter Rea and Prof Andrew Hugill and published only now in 2018. A true breakthrough in understanding the complexity of balance disorders and where any one person’s symptoms may fit. An invaluable aid to anyone struggling with balance disorders before a medical diagnosis. Please pass this on to anyone who may benefit from seeing this.



Leicester Racecourse

CEO Rob Bracken and their most wonderful Conference Coordinator Yvonne Holyland have stepped in to help our new support group, just as our success and growth was causing space issues for our meetings.  Providing the group with mobility safe ground floor facilities and ample free parking just on the edge of central Leicester. The race course has been a key part of the City & County sporting and social life since 1883.  What great people and a lovely ethos to offer resources and their support to our community group. .  Please discover more at https://www.leicester-racecourse.co.uk