Future Group Meetings

Saturday 16th June 2022 

On Zoom  @ 1.00pm (UK time)

Our Guest Expert is  – Dr Lynnette Simpson – Clinical Psychologist

Answering Members questions on The psychological impact of living with a health condition: looking after your mental health.

Members are asked to submit their questions via email with a deadline of Wednesday 13th June. Questions will be put to Dr Simpson in the order in which we receive them, so late submissions will risk not being included if we run out of time during the Zoom meeting.  This is your opportunity to ask one the the countries leading experts in Health related Psychology your question to assist you in your understanding and recovery. In a time of still great difficulty in accessing any treatment or professional advice, this is a unique opportunity to speak with Lynnette.

Open to members only. But we are free to join and there is no pressure to do anything, except receive help, support and friendship. Contact us now to join and be at our next meeting – You will never face these issues alone again.

More About Dr Lynnette Simpson – 

Dr Lynnette Simpson BA(Hons); DClinPsy. I have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 2009 and have worked in the area of physical health since 2011 within the Department of Medical Psychology based at the Leicester General Hospital. I am the Lead Psychologist for Pain Management within the department, but I also work with patients with other long-term health conditions, including balance conditions, who are referred to us.

Important News for Balance Disorder Sufferers

Lynnette was instrumental in connecting with the Leics NHS Balance Centre to facilitate  referrals of their balance patients to  Lynnettes health psychology department for potential treatment for anxiety and related mental health issues. Her department  is available to all chronic illness patients – including serious balance disorders! This effectively means on a local scale, that any patient in the Leicestershire NHS catchment area can ask to be referred to the Leicester Health Psychology department if they suspect that they would benefit from their help and treatment. It would appear this available service to all balance disorder patients is not well known by either clinicians or patients, so we hope at Life On The level, to help change this to ensure any balance sufferer who is facing significant life challenges is aware of this treatment option and is then able to access this help for free.

On a national level we will be working to discover which other NHS trusts and authorities offer the same health psychology treatments, so again we can ensure that our UK national members can be made aware of this help. Onn an international level we will also be investigating if similar health care is available that is targeted specifically for chronic illness sufferers such as Balance conditions. Given the high correlation between balance disorders and many mental health challenges – we believe this is a very important area for our members and the wider balance community.

Meeting Dates for 2022  

      June 18th    

Aug  20th      Oct  15th        Dec 10th

Meetings are  on Saturdays and start at 1pm UK time.


if you have any form of balance problem, we are free to join, and you don’t have to speak or participate, just watch and listen – even that will be of help to many.  Thank You.