Future Meetings

The next meeting of the group is now on Saturday 8th August at 12pm.  This will be held on ZOOM, and members only may join by video or phone to participate.  

Our Next Zoom Support Group members meeting – on Saturday 8th August at 12.00pm. This is open to all support group members. A link to join the meeting via video or phone will be sent by email to all official members.

[Non members can seek to join prior to the meeting if they are interested to participate and attend our meetings]

Guest Expert Speaker is Andrew Clements   

MC SP  Chartered Physiotherapist

Andrew’s Presentation will be 

“Vestibulopathy. Symptomatology. (including Covid19 effect)”

 This presentation will look at what ‘Vestibulopathy’ means, and the symptoms created by vestibular disorders and will include my experience of how the corona virus pandemic has influenced people with vestibular disorders.

As our members discussed at the previous meeting with Prof Rea, there is and continues to be much anxiety around the issue of accessing treatment and how best to cope with a balance disorder during the pandemic. Andrew has agreed to a Q&A session after his presentation so all members will have an opportunity to ask a question.

Numbers on Zoom will be restricted to 100 attendees, and it will be a simple matter of first to join from 11.55Am on the day.

Andrew has worked for over 25 years as a physiotherapist, initially in Australia but he moved to England in 1993 to take up a specialist post at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Initially he was seeing difficult musculoskeletal problems but developed an interest in dizzy and off balance patients.

His interest in this area developed and he traveled to the USA to further his knowledge. He helped set up the Leicester Balance Centre initially as a pilot project, but then once its success spread he moved out of the physiotherapy department completely and now mainly sees ‘vestibular’ patients (dizziness and balance problems) at the Leicester Balance Centre and London Road Clinic. He has worked with the NHS Modernisation Agency to try and improve services for people with balance problems.

It was within the Balance Centre that he first really encountered Menieres Disease and its effect on peoples’ lives. Working with Peter Rea (and other ENT colleagues) provided the opportunity to link with the Menieres Society, and from that the chance to work as a Trustee with the society (he is currently in his 2nd term as a Trustee, having worked with the Menieres Society for nearly 10 years).

This meeting is only open to group members – so don’t miss your chance to hear the latest developing plans to access balance and hearing treatment during the pandemic.  We will attempt to record this presentation and publish on our web site.

Other Zoom On Line meeting dates for 2020 will be announced as known.

If you have a balance disorder, we are a free to join support group and would love to welcome you. We have members as far afield as Australia, Holland and the USA – and many in the midlands UK