Prof Andrew Hugill – Guest Speaker – A personal journey with a balance disorder

Prof Andrew Hugill – Guest Speaker & Support Group Member

Andrew is based at Leicester University, and is the founding Professor of Creative Computing. His personal  academic details being : Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy , National Teacher Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, PhD in Composition, MA in Musical Composition.

Andrew is a member of our support group, suffering with Menieres and other complications.  You can find out more about Andrew and his work on 

Andrews work in creating the worlds first balance disorder spectrum can be seen here

Andrew gave the group a wonderful insight into his own personal journey with a balance disorder , and how this has impacted upon his professional career and led to many new areas of work and research for him in the field of Balance disorders.  Andrew covers some very exciting topics from the newly created first ever Balance Disorder Spectrum, to his ambitions for developing artificial intelligence led diagnosis for all balance disorders.  Another exciting project of Andrews is that of the worlds first platform for staging concerts in which aurally diverse musicians perform to an aurally diverse audience. Andrew has composed music for this project and the first performance is later this year. For details on this please click here     Andrew also introduced some information concerning various aids and services that are of use to those with balance disorders

Click below to listen to Prof Andrew Hugills presentation

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