Annual Life On The Level Awards 2019 – “The Dizzys”

“The Dizzies”

Life On The Level Annual Awards are presented at the end of the year, and acknowledge both  long term help in running the group and or outstanding achievement. 

As our first year, the following recipients will be able to say they that they were there to receive the very first ever “Dizzys”

Our 2019 winners are

Chris Richardson –  Co founder  – Bravery Award

For taking a huge leap in to the dark and coming on board as a co founder to help us find our way to build this support group.

Jola Higgs –  Co founder –  Behind the Scenes Work Award.

Where Jola has tirelessly worked to make the meetings happen, but without any limelight or attention, just quietly gets on with it – typically this last week buying and wrapping all of the secret Santa gifts – and buying and preparing all the buffet food- all to ensure our members have a good experience.

Caren Hodgeson –  The Enthusiasm & Energy  Award

London Rd Balance clinic practice manager – from the first contact Caren has just given 100% support and enthusiasm to helping our group, form being the “head of cakes” to ensuring the group is well known to the clinics patients and much more

Rupal Rajani  –   Group Awareness & Media  Award

Our very own Head of Media and Communications – & BBC Radio Leicester host. Rupal has been amazing at pushing for awareness for our group, managing the filming of members and much much more.

Kelly Martin – Social Media Award 

Kelly has taken on the role of looking after the social media, despite a very busy life, and ensuring now that Facebook live streaming happens at every support group meeting, reaching all of those who can’t attend in person.

Michaela Burton – Professional Contribution Award 

Awarded to a medical / clinical professional who has contributed greatly to the groups success. Michaela has given two presentations that have helped many sufferers deal in a better way with rehab and especially coping with Anxiety and fear.  All of this despite a ridiculously busy schedule.

Prof Andrew Hugill – Award for Significant contribution to the world of Balance Condition Sufferers.

Andrews work with Prof Rea on creating the world’s first Balance Spectrum was more than enough to win this award, but then going on to contribute to our group with Prof Hugill’s gadgets web section and now two presentations has been a wonderful gift to our group and many other balance sufferers.

Andy Corney –  The Outstanding Members Contribution  Award.  

Andy has been very pro-active in wanting to help the group, and recently culminating in the first ever members story video , but then much to his credit inviting us in to film him at work and meet his very enlightened employers. All of his work helping others understand balance conditions and now see how employers can also play their part. Thank you Andy.

There are many others who have helped along the way this year so thank you to you all, but thank you to our award winners as quite literally we would not be here and we would not be doing the good work that we do – without you.

Thank you to our award winners, to our members and to everyone who has participated, contributed or just benefited in someway from what we do.

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