Meeting Report – Saturday 16th March 2019

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Where we clarified some guiding principles of the group and our meetings 


As a support group, we encourage all to speak openly about what issues that they face, but as such we ask everyone to respect everyone’s privacy and keep confidential any specific personal matters that are supplied during our meetings 

We are not doctors  

We are not medically trained or qualified, so we will never seek to advise on treatments or medical matters. Whatever advice or personal experiences are shared, everyone should always consult with their own medical and healthcare experts for the best medical care and advice. 

We are not a charity 

We are not a registered charity, we handle no money, we have no money. We are just people helping people.  Where we require money to fund leaflets or posters, we approach local companies for them to buy on our behalf. 

Positive Only 

We are a support group, with the emphasis being upon support, so we encourage everyone to seek the positive in what we discuss, in our members situations and our overall attitude to our mutual challenges. Let us always try to find solutions rather than be dragged down by the problems, and let us always give encouragement and hope to each other. 

Tolerance & Friendship  

The group is for everyone, and we can all seek different things from belonging to this group, but at the very least I hope we will all find some degree of friendship and comfort from meeting and knowing our fellow members.  Let us all be tolerant of differences and respect that balance disorders come in many flavours and affect any person in any walk of life and at any age – so we of all groups, should acknowledge and celebrate the variety and differences in our members. 

Charity Support 

The group is supported by the Menieres Society and VeDA as an official support group listed by both of their web sites. We support both charities in their good work for all things related to balance issues.  We have agreed to abide by their own good and common-sense guidance for support groups and we will encourage members to consider membership of either charity and sharing of member contact details with both at future meetings. Fund raising ideas on their behalf will also be discussed going forward. [See Our Friends section for details and links for both charities]

Our Expert Guest Speaker 

Michaela Burton with co founder Kevin Higgs 

Michaela Burton 

Michaela is a vestibular audiologist, hypnotherapist and mind coach.  

“Based in Leicester since 2000 I have had the benefit of working with Prof. Peter Rea and Mr. Anil Banerjee, world renowned consultants in balance assessment and treatment, for many years. I have always found it very important to be a calm and approachable listener whilst helping people find what is right for them and assisting them achieve their aims in a way that provides the most benefit. My experience in treating people with imbalance led me obtaining my MSc degree in Audiology rehabilitation with specific interest in the effects of anxiety in imbalance in 2011 from Aston University. Further to this I studied and gained the Diploma in hypnotherapy and mind coaching in Nottingham.  I take great joy and pride in being able to help people with both the physical rehabilitation of their balance system and in improving their mental well being, whether this is directly associated with imbalance or from other factors or circumstances. It is a wonderfully satisfying feeling for us both each time I see my clients successfully find relief and benefit when they do it differently!” 

Michaela spoke and included a question and answer session for some 40 minutes, covering many aspects of her professional experience and tips and hints on both balance rehab and coping with anxiety.  Feedback from the members was very positive about Michaela’s presentation. 

Michaela recommended one book for members concerned with managing anxiety and stress.  


This was “How to Master Anxiety:

All You Need to Know to Overcome Stress, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Phobias, Obsessions and More (Human Givens Approach)

by Joe Griffin  (Author), Ivan Tyrrell (Author)

This book is widely available from good book shops and Amazon





You can find out more about Michaela, her work and how to contact her on

Click below to listen to Michaela’s presentation

And a big thanks from all at Life On The Level for a great presentation



Following The Guest Presentation :-


What do our members want from their support group ?  – A general discussion and open floor 

Members provided feedback on preferences for support group speaking topics, group interest and events. Applying scores to reflect their importance. The group total scores, expressed as a percentage are as follows and the group organisers will be following these preferences as a guide for future activities   Results shown as level of interest by the group – That will be re checked periodically for any change in priorities

Future Guest speaker subjects 

Balance Rehab                                                                            100% 

Balance Medical treatments                                                80% 

Anxiety Stress treatments                                                   70% 

Alternative treatments and Mindfulness                   80% 

Deafness                                                                                         60% 

Tinnitus                                                                                           50% 

Employment rights and balance disability                    65% 

Group Interest / Lobbying 

Fighting for more medical resources in the NHS for Balance disorder patients [to reduce waiting times]         80% 

Cost discounts for members in any “cost areas”   [From private healthcare to walking sticks]                               80% 

Securing free HR/Employment advice for members    [Ensuring employment rights are respected]                 60% 

Members Events 

Tour of Balance clinics,  visits to other related cause organisations  and  facilities                                            80% 

Raising public awareness of the support group and wider Balance issues                                                             85% 

Future fund raising events for balance charities    VeDA & The Menieres Society                                             85% 

Very positive voting for almost all options. We are sure to be busy over the coming years !


Getting to know your fellow members –  Group Discussion  

Some very good questions were raised by members resulting in other members providing very useful information. In particular a question was asked concerning issues around balance mobility and air travel.   


Member to Member Contact Details Listing

A new facility of “member to member” contact detail sharing was launched at our meeting. Members can elect to share their name & email address to a central list that is then circulated to all members on this list.  This will allow members to start contact and conversations with other members between group meetings. The contact information will not be shared with any members who have not elected to be on this list. Members may be added to, or withdrawn, from this listing at any time. We hope this will encourage many conversations and contact between all members. 


Informal conversations between everyone in small groups

Final conversations were held between members, including our guest speaker, enabling friendship and sharing. 


Meeting Feedback. 

We always ask for feedback from our members at each meeting, so that we can seek to improve and understand when we are doing well and helping each other. Please see a sample of feedback from this meeting. The feedback explains why we are here – Thank you. 

Feedback at the meeting end from members 

“The talk from Michaela was extremely informative”   

“I came to the group today quite upset and felt hopeless due to a bad week because of difficulties, I am so grateful to my friend for bringing me here, such a positive atmosphere, a great speaker and lovely members. I feel that I am not alone now. I would love to keep in touch with everyone and attend more meetings. Thank you you really made a difference” . 

“The first meeting was great and very helpful & informative. Lovely to meet people with similar issues”  

“A Group for Balance disorders is an important way to support the life experience of these debilitating conditions”. 

By Email  

“Good Morning Kevin, Jola & Christine, 

I would like to say a big thank you for Saturday.

For me this group came at the right time. Although my symptoms are not as bad as some other people, not knowing what will come next, still waiting for my diagnostic plus some personal issues really got me down. I came there on Saturday morning trying hard to not cry and I left feeling so good, positive and feeling that I’m not on my own.

It might sound overdramatic, but you really made a huge impact in my life. I left on Saturday and I went to my friend’s party (which I usually refuse) and they commented on how positive I am. I know is not going to be easy and I know they will be ups and downs but is really nice to know I have other people to talk to and understand me.

Michaela was a great speaker, such a passionate and caring specialist. Thank you.

Once again thank you so much for a great group, you are doing an amazing job. I’m really looking forward to see you again.

Hope you have a lovely week, 

[name removed] – a proud member of Life on the Level now :)”


Thank you all for such wonderful feedback. This is why we are so determined to reach everyone who can benefit from our support.


Please come and join us if you feel we can help and don’t wish to face your challenges alone.  You are very very welcome.

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