Meeting Report – Saturday 18th June 2022  on ZOOM

Dr Lynnette Simpson- Answering Members Questions

Keeping on the level: Living well with long-term health conditions.

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Introduction Where we clarified some guiding principles of the group and our meetings.  Confidentiality –  As a support group, we encourage all to speak openly about what issues that they face, but as such we ask everyone to respect everyone’s privacy and keep confidential any specific personal matters that are supplied during our meetings We are not doctors   – We are not medically trained or qualified, so we will never seek to advise on treatments or medical matters. Whatever advice or personal experiences are shared, everyone should always consult with their own medical and healthcare experts for the best medical care and advice. We are not a charity  – We are not a registered charity, we handle no money, we have no money. We are just people helping people.  Where we require money to fund leaflets or posters, we approach local companies for them to buy on our behalf. Positive Only  – We are a support group, with the emphasis being upon support, so we encourage everyone to seek the positive in what we discuss, in our members situations and our overall attitude to our mutual challenges. Let us always try to find solutions rather than be dragged down by the problems, and let us always give encouragement and hope to each other. Tolerance & Friendship  – The group is for everyone, and we can all seek different things from belonging to this group, but at the very least I hope we will all find some degree of friendship and comfort from meeting and knowing our fellow members.  Let us all be tolerant of differences and respect that balance disorders come in many flavours and affect any person in any walk of life and at any age – so we of all groups, should acknowledge and celebrate the variety and differences in our members. Charity Support  – The group is supported by the Menieres Society and VeDA as an official support group listed by both of their web sites. We support both charities in their good work for all things related to balance issues. 

Our Guest Expert is  – Dr Lynnette Simpson – Clinical Psychologist

Answering Members questions on The psychological impact of living with a health condition: looking after your mental health.

More About Dr Lynnette Simpson – 

Dr Lynnette Simpson BA(Hons); DClinPsy. I have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 2009 and have worked in the area of physical health since 2011 within the Department of Medical Psychology based at the Leicester General Hospital. I am the Lead Psychologist for Pain Management within the department, but I also work with patients with other long-term health conditions, including balance conditions, who are referred to us.

Thank to to Lynnette for her second group meeting with our members and for her time and energy to answer all of our members questions and the incredibly useful list of links and resources Lynnette has compiled and may be downloaded below for seeking help and self help

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Download Dr Simpsons comprehensive list of links and resources for Anxiety and Depression by clicking below

Please come and join our group if you feel we can help and don’t wish to face your challenges alone.  You are very very welcome. 

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