Support Group Launches Member To Member Contact Network

Support Group Launches Member to Member contact network.

As a response to a request from many members we have launched the “Member to Member” contact network service.  This allows members to opt in to allow sharing of their email and or phone contact information with other fellow members who have also opted into this service. The direct contact now allows those members who cannot attend the face to face group meetings – due to distance or difficulty with mobility, to enjoy contact, conversation and friendship with fellow members.  Even for those attending the group meetings there is now an opportunity to maintain regular contact with others between meetings.

In addition, the members general location is supplied, so that those who live near to another member can take the opportunity to meet up locally if they wish.  In the future we may also consider adding (with the members permission) their main diagnosis, so that those with similar conditions can easily identify each other. The service is only available to support group members but encourages even more ways within the group to seek and to give support and friendship with others. Anyone with a balance condition is welcome to join our support group, whatever the diagnosis and wherever they live.

contact us anytime on  or tel 0116 318 4042

All are welcome to join our journey to a Life More Balanced

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