Next Group Meeting Saturday 7th December

Our Guest Speaker Toni Robinson will be discussing the important topic of Employment Discrimination and Balance Conditions.

Toni Robinson – Owner of Nucleus HR

As one of the leading experts in her field Toni’s presentation will be very relevant to all balance sufferer in employment

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Toni’s Presentation is titled :-

Being an Employee with a Balance Condition…

When you are employed and are diagnosed with a disability, the questions that runs through most minds is “how supportive will my employer will be?” quickly followed by “will my job be safe?” … understandably, the questions play on your mind.

This interactive session is an opportunity to understand how disability in employment works, an employers obligations along with your obligations as an employee.

Following Toni’s presentation will be a presentation by our own Prof Andrew Hugill. 

Andrews Presentation will be an intimate and frank account, titled :- “Living with a serious balance disorder: a personal account”

Professor Hugill was diagnosed with bilateral Ménière’s Disease in 2009, after which he underwent a series of drug and surgical treatments. As a former Professor of Music and a renowned composer, the onset of this destructive balance disorder has profoundly affected both his professional and personal life. In this talk, Andrew will describe in intimate detail his long struggle with the balance and hearing problems caused by the condition. He will offer some advice on strategies for dealing with both the immediate and long-term effects of a balance disorder, and show how he has found his own personal pathway through to his present-day achievements.

A dont miss event for anyone with a balance disorder. See our web page for further details and how to register to attend.

Meeting Venue Information

Please note to cover the cost of drinks and all printed materials used in the meeting there is a voluntary contribution of £1, this is merely to try to cover actual costs

Leicester Race Course and their CEO Bob Bracken, have generously provided the facilities for our next group meeting. Not only does this have a large seating capacity, but also has provision of ample free parking, ground floor facilities with no stairs or steps to access the meeting suite. The Race Course is well signposted and situated on the outskirts of Leicester –    Leicester Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4AL

Download a pdf with full directions to get to the racecourse and find our meeting room here Directions to Leicester Race Course Meeting Venue

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