Expert Guest Panel – “Xmas past, Present and Future of Treatment and approaches to balance Disorders”

Guest Expert Panel – Together for The First Time

Prof Peter Rea – Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon

Andrew Clements – MC SP  Chartered Physiotherapist

Michaela Burton – Vestibular audiologist, & hypnotherapist 

Prof Andrew Hugill – Leicester University’s founding Professor of Creative Computing and Group member

On a theme borrowed from the great Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol“, we will explore in the world of balance treatment  –

Christmas  Past        –  Developments and improvements in recent years

Christmas Present –  Our current situation this year

Christmas Future –   What can we hope to see as future treatments and improvements for the balance community in the next year or so

Our panel was formed from past expert speakers, and provided both professional and personal insight into how far treatment and approach to balance disorders has come, and hopefully will continue to develop to offer faster, more accurate diagnosis, treatment and improved outcomes for all. Do watch the entire video to see all parts of the panel responses.

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