Kala Patel – Guest Speaker – “Practical, portable tools to survive each day with a balance condition. Challenging the noisy trickster in your mind!”

  Guest Expert Speaker –  Kala Patel    

Kala Patel is our expert guest speaker, a psychotherapist with 24 years’ experience

This presentation covered many aspects of the challenges faced by those with balance conditions such as dealing with the “noisy trickster” in your mind, learning to silence this and flourish as a result. Revealing that some simple daily practice and routines will provide benefits to your life in just a matter of a few days. We recommend this presentation to anyone who has felt that their balance issues have created stress, anguish or anxiety – and would like to reduce these feelings and regain control!

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Kala is a psychotherapist with 24 years experience having worked for Leicester College, PPC and Occy Health at George Elliot Hospital. She is in Private Practice as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Leicester and at Harley Street, London.

Kala has volunteered for over 30 years: including HIV/AIDS organisations; the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy; and more recently as a Psycho-therapeutic Trustee for an independent school in London.

Learn More about Kala from her own professional web sites for midlands and London based treatment.



Thank you Kala, for a great presentation and Kal has now agreed to help us create our own section on our web site dedicated to helping us all cope with the anxiety and stress when living with a balance disorder.

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