Michaela Burton – Guest Speaker – “Your Anxiety Tool Kit For Balance Disorders”

  Guest Expert Speaker –  Michaela Burton  

This presentation dealt with the high overlap of anxiety issues with Balance disorders, what causes this and importantly  providing us with strategies for self  help in reducing our  own anxiety.  Michaela also discussed the additional anxiety triggers due to our imminent pandemic winter and  gave advice on further options to help with this important issue over the coming months.

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Michaela’s experience in treating people with imbalance led her to obtain a MSc degree in Audiology rehabilitation with specific interest in the effects of anxiety in imbalance in 2011 from Aston University. Further to this she studied and gained the Diploma in hypnotherapy and mind coaching in Nottingham.  She take’s great joy and pride in being able to help people with both the physical rehabilitation of their balance system and in improving their mental well being, whether this is directly associated with imbalance or from other factors or circumstances. In  Michaelas own words “It is a wonderfully satisfying feeling for us both each time I see my clients successfully find relief and benefit when they do it differently!” .

Michaela Works at the Renowned NHS Balance Clinic in Leicester, and treats patients privately at  the London Road Clinic Leicester and at her own practice  www.do-it-differently.co.uk

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