BBC Radio Interview – On VeDA Webinar . Rupal Rajani, Prof Peter Rea & Kevin Higgs talking about Navigating the UK Healthcare System with a Balance Disorder

VeDA Live Webinar – 14th September 7pm

VeDA UK Webinar 14th September

Prof Peter Rea – Presenting and with Live Q&A Session

Click Below to listen to the Radio Interview

with Prof Rea and Kevin Higgs

On Monday 14th September at 7 pm (UK time) VeDA will be broadcasting a live webinar presentation with Prof Peter Rea as the guest speaker.  Prof Rea will present a detailed slide show on the latest news for accessing the UK healthcare system with any balance disorder. This is a follow up presentation to the wonderful presentation we received in our May group meeting and should not be missed.

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The Webinar (and all other 5 US based webinars) are FREE to register and FREE to watch.  However anyone wishing to download copies of the videos of the complete set of webinars, after the events, would need to donate $20 (to support VeDA’s amazing works).  So watch on Monday for FREE, or pay to view the recordings later.

For more details see our other page here

If you have a balance disorder, we are a free to join support group and would love to welcome you. We have members as far afield as Australia, Holland and the USA – and many in the midlands UK

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