Support for Partners of Balance Sufferers

Life On The Level –  Launches support for Partners

One common theme that most of our members mention at every meeting is the wonderful life line and importance of their partner, (or family member or friend) – in the role of primary supporter (emotionally and often phyiscally!) Yet most balance sufferers partners are thrust into this role with little or no preparation –  and with not even a doctor or clinical staff to help suggest how best to care for their partner or relative.   Which is why we look to support our members partners, with a dedicated sub group called Partners On The Level

Sharing advice, tips, concerns and swapping notes on all aspects of their role as partners or supporter to those with balance conditions, will allow many partners to understand how best to help their loved ones with balance conditions and where and when encouragement or empathy is best employed. 

Free To Join for any members Partner

Free to join for any partner (family member or friend) of a support group member. Meet up with other partners at our group meetings, receive advice and information by email and an option to connect and contact fellow members partners to form new supportive friendships.  Email us now to join up or see more details on our web site 

contact us anytime on

or tel 0116 318 4042

All are welcome to join our journey to a Life More Balanced

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