Our Members Stories – Gerlinde from Holland

Our members share there own real life story,  the challenges, symptoms and their journey with a balance disorder.

Gerlinde’s Story

Gerlinde is our very first member from Holland, and has kindly shared her long story of her complex journey with a balance condition. Due to the length of Gerlinde’s story this is shown in two parts.

Click below to watch Part One . 

Click below to watch Part Two . 

Gerlinde also provided a photo of the Optokenetic Disk she used , as described in her video.

Thank you to all of our members who have bravely shared their life stories with us. We hope these stories help fellow sufferers feel less alone, and for the general public – provide valuable insight into the severity and life restricting nature of balance disorders.   

Thank you to our Balance Warriors!

Please share your own story with us, so we can reach and help even more people. All are welcome to join, whatever your balance condition and where ever you live.

Please come and join us if you feel we can help and your don’t wish to face your challenges alone.  

Please remember that our members experiences, treatments and opinions are theirs alone and do not replace the need for your own medical expert advice at all times.

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