Toni Robinson – Guest Speaker – “UK Employment Law and Balance Conditions”

    Guest Expert Speaker Toni Robinson    

Expert in UK Law and HR for over 20 years

“Being an Employee with a Balance Condition…” When you are employed and are diagnosed with a disability, the questions that runs through most minds is “how supportive will my employer will be?” quickly followed by “will my job be safe?” … understandably, the questions play on your mind. Toni covers the very complex and very real issues faced by many employees who have serious balance disorders.  Anyone currently employed with a balance condition should watch this presentation, and many employers would also gain from this to understand their duty under UK law and avoid the potential “unlimited damages” if they fail in their duty as an employer.

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We are live with our first guest speaker Toni Robinson and her presentation on 'being an employee with a balance condition'

Posted by Life On The Level Support Group on Saturday, 7 December 2019

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