Sinus Problems & Balance

Kevin, Our group Co Founder Shares his knowledge of what  has helped him with his Menieres & Sinus problems

Sinus Rinse kit

Kevin has now lived with Menieres for 15 years and sinus problems for even longer. Often our members comment about this “overlap”, and it is certainly true than blocked sinuses can lead to dizziness in otherwise healthy people.  Kevin has found over that years that regular rinsing of his sinus spaces has definitely helped him with his overall balance symptoms and has certainly helped prevent a lot of sinus problems. This involves squibing warm saline solution water in each nostril – that may sound gross, but its not once you have tried it ! There is a cheap entry level bottle and saline solution pack from Neilmed for under £10. Kevin has relied upon this now for over ten years, so it is (for him) well proven.

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