Andrew Clements – Guest Speaker – “The Presentation was – “Vestibulopathy. Symptomatology. (including Covid19 effect)”

  Guest Expert Speaker –  Andrew Clements    

This presentation will look at what ‘Vestibulopathy’ means, and the symptoms created by vestibular disorders and will include my experience of how the corona virus pandemic has influenced people with vestibular disorders.”

Andrew has often been referred to as “Mr Balance” as his career and knowledge make him one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in this field. His ability to communicate in non medical terms to allow sufferers and teh public to understand the issues is second to none.  If you have any type of balance condition do watch this excellent presentation as you will learn something that will be of help and support to you.

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Andrew has worked for over 25 years as a physiotherapist, initially in Australia but he moved to England in 1993 to take up a specialist post at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Initially he was seeing difficult musculoskeletal problems but developed an interest in dizzy and off balance patients.

His interest in this area developed and he traveled to the USA to further his knowledge. He helped set up the Leicester Balance Centre initially as a pilot project, but then once its success spread he moved out of the physiotherapy department completely and now mainly sees ‘vestibular’ patients (dizziness and balance problems) at the Leicester Balance Centre and London Road Clinic. He has worked with the NHS Modernisation Agency to try and improve services for people with balance problems.

It was within the Balance Centre that he first really encountered Menieres Disease and its effect on peoples’ lives. Working with Peter Rea (and other ENT colleagues) provided the opportunity to link with the Menieres Society, and from that the chance to work as a Trustee with the society .

Andrew is a valued supporter of Life On The Level and continues to share his knowledge and wisdom with our members very generously.  We refer to him as “Mr Balance”

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