Expert Guest Speaker – Psychologist Dr Lynnette Simpson – “Living well with long-term health conditions”

This presentation focused on the biopsychosocial model of living with a long-term health condition and in particular the importance of your psychological wellbeing and the notion of “acceptance”. What does acceptance mean? Is acceptance the right word? How do you achieve acceptance or rather how do you live well with a long-term health condition that has affected your whole life, your roles, your identity, what makes you ‘you’? I will introduce you to some ideas of how to look after your emotional wellbeing while trying to manage all the physical changes to your health.

Life On The level says  – This presentation is essential viewing for anyone who is living with a long term balance condition. There is growing evidence that for the majority of sufferers our psychological and emotional well being can become as big a problem and challenge as our physical balance symptoms. Lets learn how to manage these more effectively for a better quality of life

More About Dr Lynnette Simpson – 

Dr Lynnette Simpson BA(Hons); DClinPsy. I have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 2009 and have worked in the area of physical health since 2011 within the Department of Medical Psychology based at the Leicester General Hospital. I am the Lead Psychologist for Pain Management within the department, but I also work with patients with other long-term health conditions, including balance conditions, who are referred to us.

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