Next Group Meeting Saturday 20th February

Saturday 20th February 1.00 pm on Zoom  

Join in with our first group meeting of 2021, meet up with old and new friends, share your thoughts and concerns, learn and listen from others – all in an  atmosphere of positiveness and encouragement

Our Expert Guest Speaker  is –  Mahdiyya Dharas 

“Gentle Tai Chi for Those with Balance Disorders”

Mahdiyya (Madz to her friends) will present how gentle Tai Chi benefits many areas of our mind and body that greatly correlate to where and how our symptoms manifest when living with a serious balance disorder.

Members will be able to watch a live demonstration and take part in some safe “seated” exercises during the meeting.  This unusual approach to balance rehabilitation is based upon Mahdiyya’s many years experience of treating many balance disorder patients at Leicester’s NHS balance Clinic where she is a qualified Audiologist.  See more about “Madz” on her own website or get in touch…………….   Tel 01908 893216

Members Survey Results 2021

See and hear the results from your survey, what do members want, what don’t they want and how will our group develop to be even better. Don’t miss this exciting feedback , and one lucky member has also won the survey Prize draw, that will be announced live in the meeting !”

Members Stories

Hear from two of our members about their own stories and challenges. Bravely sharing their journey with us all so that we may understand the similarities we all face

Members Success

Hear about two more members, who joined our group with balance conditions and now no longer need  support or treatment and have successfully moved into a “dizzy free” live once more. Here of these inspiring outcomes.

If you have a balance disorder, we are a free to join support group and would love to welcome you. We have members as far afield as Australia, Holland and the USA – and many in the midlands UK

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