Expert Guest Speaker – Prof Peter Rea – Answering Members Questions

Members Submitted their questions on any aspect of their symptoms, challenges and advice needed – Then answered by one of the world’s leading experts on balance disorder problems and their treatment.  

Life On The level says – Prof Rea has generously responded to our groups report that many members are concerned with the on going lack of treatment and inability to get firm diagnosis in these challenging times. With his up to the minute knowledge of Leicestershire NHS current services and his consummate knowledge and wisdom for all matters regarding balance disorders, Prof Rea is sure to have many key answers to your questions – Don’t miss this rare opportunity to access one of our best medical minds.

Life On The level says  – This presentation is essential viewing for anyone who is living with a long term balance condition and possibly their partners or close family

More About Prof Peter  Rea

Professor Rea is President of the British Society of Otology, Honorary Professor of Balance Medicine at De Montfort University, Honorary Professor to the Departments of Neuroscience and Informatics at the University of Leicester, and was Chairman of the British Society of Neuro-otology from 2013-2019. In addition he has advised on the Covid response for ENT in NHS England. His specialist practice for both ear surgery and dizziness draws patients from all over the UK and further afield.  Prof. Rea is Lead Clinician at The Leicester NHS Balance Centre. He has a state of the art balance investigation suite at The London Road Clinic, along with a dedicated and experienced team. Prof. Rea has appeared in the national press, advised the BBC and has written for major ENT textbooks. He lectures regularly on these topics and runs international medical meetings in both Leicester and London.


Medical Student Survey on Life On  The Level

Jordan, a medical student reported on the results of a recent members survey. showing some interesting trends and information about our members and their approach to our support Group. Jordans work was supervised by Prof Peter Rea. To download a pdf version of the results click on this link below.

Life on Level Med Student Survey Results

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